Shivani Singh

picture credits

In search of my paradise, Where I am a queen,
Where I can fly and I can breathe,
Where I can find peace even in loud music,
Where I can fly non-stop, high, and super high!

Where I can express loud, shout loud,
Sing loud, laugh loud, love loud!

Where sunset is not the beginning of darkness,
But it begins a new light!
Where stars shine bright even on cloudy nights.

Where I can rule on my heart, my thoughts,
my heart, myself!
Where I can again fall in love and win over my heart!

Where I can again live my childhood,
Those stupid yet cute pranks!
Where I can again be myself, my own self!

Where I am not bounded to anything,
And there is no boundation,
Just in the open sky, flying above the ocean,
In search of my PARADISE